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With Corel Painter

DEMO • artist …jackie Jacobson


VIDEO #1- Jackie’s Intro

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How is digital drawing and painting done on the computer?

Today I’m talking about the #1 Secret to a Great Digital Drawing

It’s demo time.

I’ve done thousands of drawings..

Some good, some not so good.

Digital Drawings

Drawing from Model © Jacobson

I guess I can say out of a hundred I may get 2 good ones. The others…they were failures.

Why you ask? Since I know how to draw, why can’t I get it the first time.

My biggest mistake is Overworking the drawings.

(And all of my student’s make the same big mistake)

We draw it.

We keep drawing on it.

And voila, the good drawing we had 10 minutes ago is gone forever.

Not true for me, once I found this great tip.

I do digital drawing with Corel Painter … yep on my computer.

It’s what I call “Non-Destructive Drawing and Painting”

Digital Drawing

Digital Drawing on Computer • ©Jacobson

And what does that phrase mean.

Actions are better than a thousand words…so sit back and watch VIDEO #2: Today’s digital painting demo.

The video is an older one…but the visuals are still the best.

You’ll see exactly why I usually get good drawings every time.

In fact sometimes I get more than one from the same drawing.

There’s a seat right there in front. It’s Your Seat…Take It!!!

Now all you have to do is …

WATCH VIDEO #2 – It is the secret to  great digital drawings.

There you have it. I hope the demo gives you a better understanding of my digital drawing and painting process.

For me, this is just as exciting, if not more exciting, than if I was using charcoal, pastel, wet paint, turpentine and all the rest.  And for sure…it’s cleaner. No mess, no dirt and dust, no paint spills, no fumes.

In my next demo, I’ll show you how I add paint and texture to the printed piece. It then becomes a digital original painting. IT’S A ONE OF A KIND.

Thanks for staying with me. I hope you learned something today.

Now it’s your turn.

It’s Question and Answer time.

So leave your questions or comments in the box…right down there.

I’ll answer as soon as I get them.

And Til next time…have fun. THINK ART …it’s a very good thought.

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