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This week, on the art blog I looked at three different mediums of expression by three artists I’d like you to meet..
This week I went to the ROM’s exhibit of my favorite artist working today. Meet David Hockney and watch him paint on his iPad. See the museum exhibit and enjoy.
Then onto a really new art form. It’s a collaboration of classical music (Beethoven) and modern art drawings (technical). 
And finally we take a look at a filmmaker. Wes Anderson who I’m sure your familiar with, but we’re examining the colors he uses in his films. Another way to see and understand the movies.

Please let’s hear your thoughts of these three articles of the week. Comment in the comment section below

Jackie Jacobson

THREE Videos on the art blog.


blogCLICK:David Hockney iPad Exhibit

David Hockney Fresh Flowers : An iPad Exhibit at the ROM

My Review “I’m about to begin a portrait painting of one of my favorite living artists. David Hockney’s paintings have inspired me and influenced how I observe and describe the world around me. I was excited to find this video of his interview about his […]blog 

CLICK: Beethoven and Voigt | drawings

Drawings : Jorinde Voigt Beethoven 1-32

“I’m fascinated with new ways of drawing, new subject matter, new concepts. And here is one that I feel is visually fascinating from a young artist’s perception. Including Beethoven’s piano works in her drawings… Voigt has created a collaboration of classical music and modern art. This rising German star […]blog 

CLICK: Colors Palette Films | Wes Anderson

 Wes Anderson’s Films -The Color Palettes

“ I find it really interesting to study the color palettes of a film maker. How those colors set the mood of a film. I’m hoping you’ll find this interesting also. Let me know what you think.  Source: via artist…Jackie on Pinterest   by Emily Temple. Posted  Jun […]blog 

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I’d love to hear your thoughts about these wrap-ups and what I’ve shared with you. Do you like watching the videos? Do you like learning about other artists? Let me hear from you soon. Please leave your comments below.

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