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Organizing? How to Organize … Use TeuxDeux

TeuxDeux: Getting Things Done With Simplicity & Style

TeuxDeux: Getting Things Done With Simplicity & Style

I’m always looking for a better way to do my organizing.

I just found it!

Thanks to Laura Roeder

  • No more lists for organizing
  • No more sticky notes for organizing
  • Everything is in one place…Online
  • It’s FREE. and it is soooooo EASY

So for the past week I’ve been using Teux Deux

Laura Roeder, from the Dash, posted this article this week…

My Favorite Online To Do List
Posted on April 21, 2011
Many of you have asked how I stay organized, so this week I wanted to share my favorite dead-simple online to-do list solution.
First, a confession: I’m a little addicted to organizing apps and systems! Yes, I am one of those people that wastes hours of time on “productivity” websites – go figure!
I’ve checked out many online to-do lists and most of them are just too complicated. You spend all your time fiddling with the features instead of getting stuff done!
That’s why I was so excited when I found this week’s pick, TeuxDeux.com.
(In case you’re confused by the name, it’s pronounced like deux in French, so it sounds kind of like to-do.)
TeuxDeux is completely free and amazingly simple. You just add your item to a list, and check it off when you’re done. All of your unfinished tasks automatically move over to the next day’s list. There’s also a “someday” area for tasks that you want to remember, but don’t yet have timeline for.
Check out TeuxDeux.com and see if it’s right for you

I can only tell you that it changed my whole way of doing things. This is organizing made easy. How to organize in the simplest, easiest way. I keep it open on my computer(s), and check off as I check out what to-do next. You definitely will benefit if you try it. Enjoy, and thank you Laura.

PS. It’s always with me…by iphone, by ipad, by laptop. I use it on every device that I own. I travel with TeuxDeux. EASY

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