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The Passion and Talent of Anthony Hopkins  and Tony Bennett

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Two Art Videos with Two Tonys

You get to see and hear “And The Waltz Goes On”  by and with composer Anthony Hopkins

You get to watch the ROSIE interview of Tony Bennett in his studio with his paintings.

 Three More Videos

Tour with Tony Bennett at the Metropolitan Museum.

He really knows about art history and historical paintings.

You’ll also watch the interview with Anthony Hopkins on his role as Picasso 

And last but not least you’ll Meet Anthony Hopkins the Painter

CLICK THIS LINK – ENTER GALLERY – WATCH VIDEO HERE (LET IT LOAD then WATCH – I had to try many times, worth it)

That’s a powerful lineup of two award winning stars from stage, screen and nightclubs near you.

I’ve learned that most successful artists have passion.

And not just the talents they’re famous for.

talent - passion

The Passions and Talent of Anthony Hopkins  and Tony Bennett

So today you’re going to learn about these two Tony’s passions

Did you know that Tony Bennett paints everyday?

Did you know that Anthony Hopkins writes music?


And did you know that he also paints?

There you have it.


It’s what drives every artist.

I’ve included these 5 videos that really tell all about the passions of these two very famous performing artists.

They are interesting men indeed!

Talent yes…PASSION absolutely

OK Enjoy…I did and I’m sure you will too.


Last thing…

When I was a kid I wanted to be a writer and then in high school an actress.

Today…I write and star in videos, I say with a smile.

Oh yes …and I paint. I love to paint. No I wasn’t born with talent.

I was born with passion and the gift of perseverance.

Now in the comments below… tell us…

When you were a kid what did you want to be when you grew up?

Then come back and read everyone’s comments

I’ll be commenting too.

That’s it for today.

Thanks for staying with me.

And I’ll see you here next week

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