Dog Portrait – from photo

Family Pet – Birthday Gift

Pet Portraits – Art on Canvas

Jack Russell Terrier - Pet Portrait

Emma - Jack Russell Terrier - The Painting

Jack Russell Terrier - Pet Portrait

Murphy - Jack Russell Terrier - The Painting

This was the process of my most recent pet portrait commission. It was complimentary, trusting and very much appreciated.

The Testimonial Letter

” We purchased your Tulip triptych painting while we were in Palm Springs in December.  We brought the canvas art with us when we came back to Portland and it now hangs above our dining table – you feel like you’re in a garden when you sit down for a meal! “

Background – Family pet

“I am sending along some photos of our two Jack Russell terrier girls who have “crossed over the rainbow bridge”.  We miss them terribly, they were such wonderful dogs.

Murphy Sue  was the big sister, Emma Lou was from a later litter (same mom, different dads.)  Murphy followed me everywhere, helping with chores and just keeping me company.  Her absolute favorite thing was a tennis ball. Emma was a bit more aloof – she always wanted to be part of what was going on when it interested her (like digging in the dirt to plant a garden or going after some vermin to clean up the yard), but would be content on her own as well.  She and Murphy were as bonded as Jack Russell terriers could be considering the breed’s total independent streak.”

Commission Request

“Sadly they both succumbed to heart-related illnesses – Murphy at 13 and Emma at 15.  We have lots of photos but I thought it would be great to have them memorialized in your wonderful pop art painting style.  S… has a birthday this month and I thought this would be a great birthday gift. Would you look at these photos and let me know what you think? “-D

Project – Pet Portrait from Photos

The Response
“We received your art on canvas today and I have to tell you, I was surprised and so excited!!  The painting of Emma is absolutely fantastic!!  The painting of Murphy is also great, but Emma’s is exceptional.  They are so realistic that our little rat terrier, Ricky barked at them, thinking they were real dogs. Thank you so very much for providing us with such great memories of our girls!!!” – S
“Ricky is adjusting, you can pat yourself on the back for creating such life-like and dynamic pet portraits!  They will hang as centerpieces on our beloved pets wall and will be treasured as larger than life size portraits of our two girls who had larger than life size hearts!
Hugs back to you and many, many thanks, – D”
Unique Gift – Order One Today
The perfect special occasion gift ideabirthday gift , anniversary gift, christmas gift, gift for him, gift for her. Order a hand painted dog portrait from your photo. This  is where and how you order. I’d love to paint that special pet portrait…just for you.



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