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Mind-Blowing Painting Skills

Check out this stop-motion video featuring Thijme Termaat, an incredibly talented Dutch artist.

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From the Finer Minds Team

Painting - Thijme Termaat

Misty Landscape • Thijme Termaat • 2011

We found ourselves clutching our breath with wonder while watching this video of Dutch painter Thijme Termaat – whose last name is pronounced “tie-muh ‘tir-size’” – filling canvas after canvas with stunning and realistic imagery. Released just a few days ago, Thijme says that “we experience the world from our own perspective,” and his ability to express that perspective through painting is astounding. The stop-motion video captures the painter as he works on his Ipaint Project.

Born in 1987 in Ursem, Holland, Thijme learned early on that painting drawing was one of his favorite hobbies. After high school, Thijme went to the Design Academy Eindhoven where he discovered that his desire to paint was more important than continuing his education. After only two months, he dropped his studies, went back home to live, and began developing his practice as a fine artist.

Although this isn’t always the right path for everyone, in the case of Thijme we’re fairly certain he made the right decision. After all, his favorite quote on his Facebook is “Life is but a dream.” – and his dream of painting has become an inspiration to us all.

Do you have a hobby that is so inspirational that you’d consider making it your vocation?

Do you like watching  videos on painting?

Do you like learning about other artists painting?

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