What Happened in the Studio Today?


Hydrangea II Splatter, Mixed Media Digital Painting, © Jacobson


I said I would work in several styles. Here’s what I consider an abstract style. The image is part of the abstract ground.

You may recognize the background from my self portrait.


  1. Medium:  Corel Painter 11 – digital painting
  2. Used the original abstract painting for the background layer
  3. Used the Hydrangea II image, from yesterday’s post, as my reference.
  4. Painted and splattered using multiple brush categories
  5. The flower becomes part of the background.


  1. Print the piece 20″ x 24″ on canvas
  2. Stretch and seal the canvas
  3. Using Acrylic Gel Medium and Acrylic Paint, continue painting.
  4. I will now have an original painting.

Keep watching. I will photograph the completed painting and include it with this series.







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