Pet Portraits – Your lifetime memory

Pet Portraits – Tile Art Mural

Daisy - Tile Mural

Pet Portrait - Painting from Photo

Original photo

Pet Portraits –  painting of “Daisy” is painted in the traditional style

Daisy was painted from a small photo that was emailed to me.

The request was for a pet portrait 4 tile mural.

Here you see the original photo and completed painting .

Your Pet Portraits from Photos

I should point out that the better the photo, the better the painting.

Pet Portrait are painted in either the traditional or the contemporary “Andy Warhol” styles. It’s your choice!

“What is important is that the painting feels like your pet friend is right there. If I achieve that, I will have accomplished my goal.”

Portraits on Canvas or Tile

The Pet Portraits paintings can be printed on canvas or on tile. The canvas is best no smaller than 16″ x 16″

Paintings can be on coaster tiles, 6″x6″ individual tiles, or tile murals starting at 9″x9″

Commission your Pet Portraits

The perfect special occasion gift idea

  • birthday gift
  • anniversary gift
  • christmas gift
  • gift for him
  • gift for her.

Pet Art Portraits –  painted in both the Traditional Style and  the Pop-Art/Warhol style.

Artist…Jackie Jacobson paints your pet portraits using digital brushes, art materials and textures that mirror the look and feel of their traditional counterparts. Trained as a classical portrait and figure artist, Jacobson uses  today’s modern mediums to paint your family dog or cat portrait painting.

Pet Portraits make wonderful gifts. Think of your special occasion and commission a painting today.

Ordering a portrait is easy

And so is the cost. The cost of a custom portrait of your pet starts at $69.

For sizes and prices: Contact me  :  email: or phone: 760.831.1190

“I’d love to meet your pet, and I look forward to hearing from you.”

Join Me in the Studio

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