Video : Painting Marilyn Monroe

Watch this Video Demo • Voka paints Marilyn

Marilyn Monroe

The subject of movies, videos and paintings.

Watching a demonstration of how a painting is painted…that’s special.

Well…here it is. Marilyn Monroe

Spontaneous painting.

Here’s my tour through the Voka process and the points of interest.

At…00:16 The background painting. A free and exciting abstract background.

00:32 Line drawing for placement of the painting of Marilyn Monroe

00:41 Color Added to areas of the portrait – lips, eyes, forhead

00:43 Painting from reference photos of Marilyn Monroe

NOTE: The scale of this painting is smaller than most in the gallery.
The size looks to be about 60″. See gallery for larger paintings.

01:05 Getting down to the details of the face in the painting

01:26 Cleaning off the painting brushes. That’s water, painting with acrylic paints.

01:46 Drawn lines for placement of Marilyn Monroe features. Loose and free lines indicate placement, not
the details of the feature.

02:06 View of reference photos, scale of painting, and painting table with paints.

02:12  Note the size of this little brush on this big canvas.

Gallery Voka

Painting - Marilyn Monroe - Voka

Voka is the founder of
Spontaneous Realism

If you look in a dictionary for the word spontaneous you will find definitions like…

  • “rising from a momentary impulse without conscious reflection”
  • “not apparently contrived or manipulated: natural”
  • “often surprising for the surrounding environment”

Looking at Voka’s paintings from this vantage point, makes this newly created expression a more than meaningful description of his work. If one has the opportunity or chance to watch the painter while he is in the act of creating his work, and see — or better, experience — the immediacy, vigor and enthusiasm with which Voka creates his paintings, then this simple expression, spontaneous realism, conveys a defining emotion. And this is exactly the moment where his art begins. Voka’s inspirations are the everyday events of daily life, the seemingly hidden, though omnipresent.

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