Bubble Letters

How to Draw Creative Graffiti Letters

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Bubble letters are a mixture of writing font and artistic creativity. They were originally based on utensils and paper art. With the advent of computer technology, however, the letters truly exploded in popularity. While many use bubble letters for fun, others have created an artistic career out of it.

Bubble letters - Graffiti

Graffiti on Buildings - Bubble


It is not exactly certain when, who or how bubble letters first came about, but it is known that they have been used for decades, and the most significant evolution of bubble letters has been a result of computer technology. With the ease of creating variations of letter formats through font creation programs, computer technology has allowed the possibility of countless variations.

Bubble Letters - Graffiti

Graffiti • Bubble


Bubble letters can vary in size. It all depends on the limits of the paper or computer. However, letters are typically larger in size when compared with standard handwriting fonts. Beyond size, the letters are typically wider than the average font, a trait that earned it its name.

Bubble Letters

Painting Graffiti

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When drawing bubble letters, it is best to use a pencil, to allow the possibility of erasing mistakes. They can be easily made with originality through a computer program such as Microsoft Word. There are many other free and easy-to-use font processing programs, but Word is the most commonly used and is very popular


Many find bubble letters more enjoyable and interesting than other fonts. For this reason, many businesses find that bubble fonts used on marketing materials will gain more interest than standard, plain fonts. These letters also are commonly used as a way to express words or statements artistically, and can be seen primarily through graffiti art.

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