Artist Veri Apriyatno

Artist Paints Himself into Infinity

Incredible! That’s my thoughts about this artist and his drawings. And they’re self portraits. I call this Beyond Escher. Enjoy.

artist - Jackie Jacobson

Artist Veri Apriyatno from Indonesia creates the most amazing 3D illustrations you’ll ever see!

This series of hyperrealistic self-portraits mimc the style of artist M.C. Escher, where each monochromatic form continues from the previous in an exploration of infinity. It’s often difficult to identify where the drawing ends and the real artist begins. Apriyatno uses just a pencil to build the shadows and textures that result in the photorealistic drawings. His blacks, whites, and grays create an exaggerated contrast and an extreme depth to the work, and the playful final results are inventive and powerfully striking.

Artist has produced six books about how to draw and he has definitely proven to be a master of this art form.





CLICK … To See more drawings here.


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