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Rustic contemporary look updates homes of all styles

home decorating ideas

Rustic table

When it comes to home decorating ideas, one of the
hottest trends to emerge in recent years is
the organic rustic look.

Organic chic means incorporating elements
of nature into your home’s interior, whether
it’s a tree trunk repurposed as a side table
or accent pieces such as antlers sprinkled
around a dining table.

The organic look can suit different design
styles, from contemporary to country. And
it can work into a range of household

The luxe look for home decorating ideas
can be found by high-end designers and at discount
department stores. Blend shades of metals with
pops of colors and different textures to
give your home a very eclectic, yet elegant

The gray colored lamb fur blends well with
the steely tone of a driftwood coffee table
lacquered in silver. Large gemstone rocks
can sit on the coffee table as the focal point.
It’s OK to mix silver and
gold as “all metals are neutral.”

Ralph Snyder, design director for Kohl’s,
suggested incorporating faux fur decorative
pillows and birch bark candles for that
rustic organic look. Kohl’s stocks a wood
plate on sale currently for $19.99, which is
half-off the retail price, for that splash of
organic accent.

Don’t be afraid to try new and different home decorating ideas.
And have fun with decorating.

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Don’t forget your walls.

Watch this video now.

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