17 Steps to Success 


  • The economy is dreadful
  • The news is horrid
  • The mood is sombre


  •  How to have a great day.
Sunflower in Vase by Jacobson

Sunflowers in Vase ©Jacobson

Thoughts by Alyson Stanfield  (Alyson writes, I read and then I share. ENJOY)

1. Decide that you will have a great day. This is the most important step.
2. Lie in bed thinking happy thoughts and envisioning your great day for an extra 15-20 minutes.
3. Get dressed and ready for the great day ahead. Put on something that makes you feel good.
4. Start the day with something inspirational:podcast, a recording, a book, or a favorite (inspirational) blog.
5. Say hello to the sun and, in my case, the mountains.
6. Chug a glass of water.
7. Grab a cup of coffee or tea.
8. Eat breakfast and take your vitamins.
9. Check your email to make sure there is nothing urgent there, but don’t spend too long in the inbox (5 minutes). Note that this is #9, not #1!
10.Check your task list and prioritize what is most important. Repeat this step at least two more times throughout the day.
11. Tackle the task list.Listen to soothing music or sounds. My favorite CD these days is the sounds of the ocean, seeing as we have very little water here in the high desert.
12.Say Yes to the really good stuff and Thanks, but No Thanks to what doesn’t serve you.
13. End the day in good time. Look at your task list for tomorrow and plan your day. Mentally leave your studio or office and spend time with yourself or with loved ones.
14. Before going to bed write your gratitudes in your journal. What are you thankful for today? Also, write what you accomplished during your great day and pat yourself on the back. Just as you started your day with an inspiration, you will end it with another inspirational ritual.
15. If you have a significant other, kiss them goodnight. Before turning out the lights ask him or her: What made you happy today? Be prepared to share what made you happy.
16.Say one last prayer of gratitude to the universe for giving you such an amazing day.
17. Sleep soundly for 7 to 8 hours.
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There it is. The 17 Steps on How to Have a Great Day. Now go ahead and Have a Great Day!

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